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(Friday, February 02, 2007)

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110 to be sued over study loans

02 Feb 2007

KUALA LUMPUR: The National Higher Education Fund (PTPTN) will sue more than 100 defaulters on Monday, the final step in a long process to recover RM867 million in owed study loans.

More suits will follow later, promised its chief executive, Yunos Abdul Ghani.

The PTPTN will file suits against 110 among 1,000 delinquent borrowers who have ignored repeated reminders to repay loans since they graduated in 1999.

Yunos said he hoped to make this first group of debtors an example to the other 38,500 borrowers.

Among this first group of 1,000 delinquent borrowers, aged between 30 and 35, are doctors, lawyers and bank officers who draw monthly salaries of between RM3,500 and RM5,000.

These defaulters have been blacklisted, and their names listed in the databases of private credit-checking services CTOS and BRIS.

This is part of the tough action Yunos promised to take when he was appointed in November.

So far, 39 borrowers have been taken to court.

Up to November last year, PTPTN had disbursed RM11.5 billion in study loans for diploma and degree courses, and recovered just RM343 million since its inception in 1997.

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The reason student can't pay back their loan

(Friday, December 08, 2006)

Study in (u10) ones need to be flirty rich in order to pay for the fees for the whole course depending what course ones study. The approximiately the total cost for the course is around RM64k. As for those students which does not have a dad call Mr Lee Kah Sing, or a dad who own a mountain that have casino business there or even a nerd dad that like to play computer and con people money called Bill Gates, those student need to get a study loan in order to pay for their university fees. Usually those student is like those normal people where ones see in the street, their dad work their ass off selling char kuey teow or working like a dog as a white collar staff in the concrete jungle in this country.
As for the majority of the student in uni is belong to the latter group which once they enter (u10) they will take loan from ptptn, which estimated will get a full loan of RM64k plus 4% interest that will resulted the student need to pay back a rough estimation of RM80k++ once after their convocation. On the other hand, you can say that once a student have finish their study in uni, that day itself the student will be jobless and unemploy but carrying a huge amount of debt. The mathematical equation is easy :

  • Graduate = Unemploy = Bankruptcy

As for the current economy status of the country, a local fresh graduate degree holder with no working experience, the job market will offer an approximately of RM 1500 - 1800 salary. The mention salary its before deduction of epf and sosco, after the both deduction a fresh graduate earning RM1800 per month will only get a net income of Rm1500 monthly. As for the payment back for the study loan is an estimated RM500 per month for 15-20years. For a fresh graduated student earning a nett income of Rm1500, paying back RM500 monthly to ptptn will be a big issue. As below i will list out the the total income usage for most fresh graduate:

  • RM 1500 (Income)
  • - RM 500 ( Car loan if the student buy a second hand proton wira)
  • - RM 100 ( Handphone Bill )
  • - RM 300 ( Rental for room)
  • - RM 200 ( Petrol)
  • - RM 200 ( Meal )
  • - RM 200 ( Parent)

As you can see the income that a fresh graduate earn its not sufficient enough to cover the basic needs of ones human being because the list above just roughly focus on few important aspect of daily usage that does not included the money to pay for insuranse premium, road tax, grocery bills, water and electricty bill and etc. So i been thinking from the first day i graduate, how on earth i going to pay back the loan, since i am holding a degree but my life and earning in this country is just slightly better than the begger you see on the road. After much thought i have finally found out the main reason and i will going to say it here once and for all.

As in this blog, i have came across alot of you all have kept on mention about how good is the toilet in (u10), how clean about it, how convience about the toilet facility and so on and so forth. Actually the main reason for student failing to pay back their study loan, the toilet its the main culprit. I wonder if all the student have ever notice something wrong about the toilet. The toilet its clean and its stay fresh all the time, but even thought for the huge amount of money the student pay for the uni every sememster, the toilet paper in the toilet is damm low on quality and damm hard.

After four years of continuning shiting in the (u10) toilet and use the toilet paper provided in the toilet my asshole have become increasing unsmooth and rough. This is due to the surface of the skin have been constantly been rub by hard paper for a long period of time that sometimes even causes bleeding. As time goes by, the asshole skin will automatically become very hard and unsmooth. So the main culprit for graduate student unable to pay back their study loan its the cheap toilet paper provided by the management of the uni.

As i mention before, a fresh graduate enter into the workforce will only earn a roughly RM1800 monthly and the nett income after deduction will be approximately RM1500 which does not have suffience extra money to pay back the study loan. So if the fresh graduate does not earn enough income during 8am-5pm job, he or she need to find a part-time job at night to earn more income to pay for the loan. It's a very common and the most easier way of solving the big problem which its owning a big debt. So, since the country economic situation it in a very bad condition,the faster way for a fresh graduate to earn more money to pay off their loan its to work in Chow Kit Road at night (for male) as a ahgua or mak ngah or some called Pondan ( street language) selling their behind to those customers who like to play behind ( or in street language "belakang mali or broke back mountain). Its the same for the female also but they will need to sell their service in other places such as Bukit Bintang and etc.

Since most of the student have been shiting and peeing in the uni toilet and have been using the toilet paper provided in the toilet for at least 4 years in the a role, all their important part or some said "the money making instrument" have been all wracked and destroy by the low and rough quality toilet paper. Indirectly, mean that those graduated student can't work in Chow Kit Road and Bukit Bintang by selling their "money making instrument" to those customer that willing to pay a high amount money for this kind of service. This have resulted the graduate student unable to earn a highly income working at night in this entertaiment service industry to pay off their study loan. What a shame!!!.A good chances of making big buck but you cant earn it.

So as the conclusion of the story, the main reason for those who graduated and can't pay off their study loan, the lousy and low quality toilet paper is to blame. As the moral of the story, those junior study in the uni please remember to bring your own toilet paper to the uni and don't use the toilet paper provided by the uni. As for emergency case and you forget to bring the toilet paper along with, don ' t hesisate to tear your text book out to rub your important organ, if not you will regret for your life once you have graduate and can't work at night earning higher income at Chow Kit Road.....

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(Wednesday, December 06, 2006)

There are so many subjects in Uniten that are
stupid. And me always ponteng the classes of these stupid subjects. There's no guilt feeling of ponteng-ing these classes at all, somehow I feel that these classes memang deserve to be ponteng-ed.

Lets see some of the stupid subjects in Uniten:

  • English I
  • English II
  • Moral I
  • Moral II
  • Malaysian Studies
  • Comparative Religion / World Civilization
  • Malay Language

But no matter how stupid these subjects are, these are also the subjects that can help most of us to pull up our CGPA. It's kacang putih lah to score in all these subjects. Just memorize everything from the textbook, sentence by sentence, word by word. There's no need to understand the shit inside. Just do watever it takes to have it all memorized. Some not-so-sure-will-work memorizing methods that you can try at your own risk:

  • burn the whole textbook to ashes and mix it with water and gulp it down your throat hoping that those facts/information would find its way from your stomach to your brain and stay there temporarily until the exams are over.
  • or just use the textbook as your pillow and sleep on it, hoping that everything inside the textbook will be absorbed by your brain.

I came out with these two crazy methods during the time that
I was desperate to sumbat 300-pages of shits into my brain in just one day before the final exam (yes, I always study last minute). Well, I have never tried that drinking-ashes method before. But I have tried that pillow way. Laugh all you want now. I know I was stupid that time, but I think it worked.

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Fuck Off The Blood Sucker UNI

(Tuesday, December 05, 2006)

Uniten the place to remember until i step my foot to 6 feet underground :

  • The place where suck all my money away for some useless asshole n bastard that can't teach.
  • Took all my ptptn money away to pay some useless admistration fees which in return providing the worse motherfucking services i have in my entire life.
  • Those illegal lecturer from bangladesh and russia does not even worth a penny of my fees....Fuck them to hell (if i give a penny for their thought they will give me back the changes) meaning how fucking stupid they are.
  • The security or acting police officers standing in the gate can kiss my fucking ass goodbye forever....Those mother fucker security always think that they are SDU or the uni belong to them...they always kept coming up with those most motherfucking idiot rules that all student life misreables....Fuck u all bastard wearing the blue shirt...u cant catch me dirty because i always above n outsmart u all dumdass security....
  • The mother fucking public buss that provided in the university is so motherfucking not on time everyday that make all student late for classes...Fuck off to all the fucker driver....throw your license away n go ride a cow instead....

Four years in UNITEN, the only thing i can say its "I will fuck u up from head to toe" FUCKING UNI

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Value of ex-Unitenians

(Wednesday, November 29, 2006)

What are we as the Uniten grads worth in the market as compared to other public unis??

I don't know actually during the time when I was a fresh grad. After of being in the corporate dog eat dog world for 2 years now, I know the answer already.

1st, we all started without any value. Yes...no value at all. So what you graduated with the highest honors?? So what you have gazillions of Dean's Lists?? So what you were the president for this and that clubs?? For the employers, fresh grads are just valueless. This is very true and it applies to all fresh grads from all unis.

So, what makes the Unitenians so special then?? Our ability to talk cock in fluent English of course!!

Recently, I have the opportunity to help someone in my company to select the right candidates to come for an interview. Being my first time selecting candidates, of course I read through their resume one by one, word by word. Then I was told to give preference to those graduated from Uniten and MMU first. Then to all the colleges like Taylors, Inti, Sunway....and lastly to public uni grads.

I asked why, and I was given the duh! look, and a very short and simple answer "they speak better English!!"

How about the achievements during uni time?? I was given another duh! look again, and even a shorter answer "not important".

So, being a kaypoh-chi like me, I asked another stupid question "Why such practice?? Everybody should deserves equal opportunities mah".

Then I kena bombarded with this, "We hire the person to take on the position fast. Learn fast, work fast with minimal training and supervision. If English teruk, how to communicate, how to teach the fella anything, how the fella gonna talk to other ppl?? Then we must waste time to teach him or her english pulak. Like that better don't hire lah."

Then I asked again "So I was hired not because of my skills and abilities, but because of my english lah".

One of them told me, "Yeah. You last time fresh grad where got any skills and abilities needed for this job lah. We all know where do all the fresh grads stand lah. Just that we need them to be able to speak and write good fluent english, and learn all the skills needed for the job later on, day by day, gain it by experience. So we select people that can speak good english first, we will assess further during the interview. We know that Uniten and MMU students, and most private colleges, use english as their everyday language, be it in teaching or learning."

So, my conclusion is this:
(1) Fresh grads memang no value to any employers.
(2) So, don't waste time to use 100gm paper nor to decorate your resume.
(3) Employers are gonna see the 'Educational Background' part only.
(4) Make sure you can bullshit fluently in english.
(5) Among all the value-less fresh grads, grads from Uniten are still valuable lah!!
(6) So, don't worry for all the ex-Unitenians that are looking for a job. You are wanted for your english!!

Note: Please do not misunderstand that me here trying to make Uniten sounds so great and that all other public unis are inferior, nor do I support my company of using such a screening method for hiring. The truth is, english is damn important, until the extend it is more important than a person's own abilities and skills. Of course this is applicable only to the fresh grads. After working for some time, you will be assess differently, which is usually based on your past working experience and achievements then.

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(Wednesday, November 22, 2006)

I got several enquiries regarding the article posted on this blog. A lot of people are wondering if this sources are reliable or not. Or is this the truth or how true is this gonna be? Millions of question mark in the reader's head.

Here's the rules - blog with responsibly.

Rule No. 1 - Believe it or not, the truth or not - we can't force you to believe what you have read ere or you might think this is not the truth. The end result it: it is totally up to the reader judgement to judge if this is correct or not. This is a free speech, you can choose to believe or not.

Rule No 2 - We blog based on our past EXPERIENCE! Not based on hatred against some party.
All the blog are based on the past experience by the students. We are not allowed to voice our opinion therefore the only way to voice out our thought and opinion is thru this channel.

Rule No 3. - Please respect the each other. If you wanna come here and blog to flame some one - step back.

Rule No 4 - No racist here! Remember what happened in UPM for the past few month?

Rule No 5 - Always obey and observe Rule No 1 to 5

Thank you

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(Thursday, November 16, 2006)

I know that most of the ex-unitenian survived with PTPTN money.

Not that I have anything to do with PTPTN, but I came across this when I was blog-hoppin just now. Most of the students interviewed are from the public uni. See....they are so rich.

One of them:

“But my parents give me RM1,000 a month for my daily expenses.”

What the fuck does he/she still need the PTPTN money for ah?? To langgan gigolo or ayam kah?? Honestly, I despise this kind of people. I look down on this kind of people. I have no respect for this kind of people.

Anyway, lucky me, because my loan was under YTN, free of interest, free of bunga, and I only have to pay back 20% of the borrowed money.....muahahhaha......

A friendly reminder: Guys, cepat-cepatlah pergi bayar hutang PTPTN tu, hutang money dibayar money lah, dude. If not, nanti PTPTN mau saman lah, mau sue lah....susah lah. Amalkan cara hidup yang sihat dengan bebaskan diri anda dari hutang ptptn. hehhehehehehhe....just joking lah.

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